Sell a Home

Why us?
We share the same goals, as a seller you probably want to sell your home in as little time as possible, for the most amount of money and under the most favorable terms. As your agent we share those same goals with you and we have the tools and experience to make your goals a reality.
Correct pricing is key in today’s market we consider pricing to be one of our first responsibilities to you as our client. We will prepare a Current Market Analysis on your home to determine the best possible selling price, we will then not only give you the report but we will show you how we came up with the target price, we fell it is so important for you as the seller to understand the current market in your area this will help build the solid foundation for us to work well together as a team.
Another area where we really shine is in the marketing of your home. We take an aggressive approach to marketing all of the homes we list. We make a personal financial investment in all of our listings insuring that your home will be seen by all potentially interested buyers whether they are searching on line or in print publications. We also send direct mail post cards for all of our listings as well as provide and stock color listing flyers for each home. With the average buyer today starting their home search on line we fell it is more important than ever to have a large web presence. We make it a priority to stay on top of the current web marketing trends. We syndicate our home listings to no fewer than 20 different online sites and advertise via social media sites; not only that but we provide each one of our listings with its very own domain name and website check out to view an example of this.
Our goal is to work as a team with you in selling your home, one key component to the team approach is communication. We will constantly keep you informed of the ever changing market, notifying you whenever a home in your direct area sales, goes up for sale or goes off the market. We will always give you our very honest advice and will not hesitate to suggest a change in price or approach if we see the market is changing. We will give you unfiltered feedback from showings whenever possible allowing you to know what the buyers are saying about your home. We will make it very easy for you to get a hold of us for anything day or night.
When choosing who represents you in the sell of your home experience should be a deciding factor. With every real estate transaction being so different with its own set of obstacles there is no substitute for experience. Experience is something that we certainly bring to the table; we have sold 10’s of millions of dollars of real estate in the area over the years and have gained the practical experience and knowledge that cannot be substituted. We have also aligned ourselves with some of the very best professionals from all aspects of the real estate industry to assist all of our clients and insure that they are well informed and taken care of.
Last but certainly not least, actually arguably the most important is that we are sincere. We really care! We really care if you are satisfied with us, we really care that we make this experience as painless as possible for you and that everything works out just how you want it to. We are not the largest real estate team in the area and for good reason, we don’t want to be. We, Nick and Lisa want to maintain control of our business and provide the best possible service to our clients, putting them first every time.
If the above mentioned sounds like what you are looking for in a real estate team please give us a call. We would love to come to your home a discuss in detail what we can do to help you. Call Lisa at 281-814-1294 or Nick at 281-216-6150 to set an appointment or to ask us questions. We look forward to hearing from you.